Artcompiler Assessments is a collection of rich web components and apis for creating engaging questions with intelligent feedback.

What's missing? There are of course many many more question types we could add to the current collection. Let us know what's missing. Send us a note!

Question Types

Each question type has a full stack implementation that includes a React component frontend and a GraphQL server backend. These can be used together or separately depending on the desired user experience and host plantform support.

Typically, the frontend provides the scorer in addition to the user and teacher experiences, and the backend captures the question state and provides advanced scoring and feedback generation.


We currently provide integration with the Learnosity assessment platform and the generic web. Each integration uses the native apis of the respective hosts. The web integration uses React on the frontend and GraphQL on the backend. The Learnosity integration uses the Custom Question Type framework on the frontend and the Data API on the backend.

Questions are authored in the host assessment platform (e.g. Learnosity) or in Artcompiler's authoring environment (Graffiticode). Once created, questions are immediately available. All student and teacher interaction with the question can be automatically captured using the host platform apis.